We are currently meeting indoors for weekly Sunday worship. See the directions page for location details, and the what to expect page for more information.

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Sunday Morning Gathering

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Every Sunday

10:00am – 11:30am

Location: 94 Washington Ave., Portland, ME 04101

Category: Weekly Worship | Coordinator: Carrie Dubay

A personal note from Pastor Joel Wentz:

Hello MDC family,

Yes, you read that correctly. I'm excited to let everyone know that, next Sunday April 23rd, we will begin a new sermon series through the book of Revelation! (This Sunday, April 16th, will be our final sermon in John) As someone who grew up in the 90s and the heyday of the "Left Behind" book series, I recognize that Revelation may come with significant baggage for some of you, or, on the other hand, perhaps you have no baggage at all because you have never engaged with it! In any case, let me attempt to spark your curiosity (and hopefully ease some anxieties) by offering three reasons why I have chosen to study and teach through Revelation right now.

1) Revelation is a beautiful book. This piece of writing from John is an astounding piece of literary art. John's use of symbolism and imagery is unlike anything else in the New Testament, and as I have studied it recently, I have been struck again by its sheer beauty and artistic power. I really believe we will be moved by Revelation's beauty as we study it together.

2) Revelation is an inspiring book. This is closely related to the previous point, but one major reason Revelation was originally written and distributed was to inspire faith and action in the early Christian communities, who were struggling with big questions about belief and what Christian living should look like under the Roman Empire. As such, it has profound power to inspire faith and action in us today.

3) Revelation is a timely book. The Christian communities to whom Revelation was originally written were wrestling with questions like: How can we continue in faith in a culture that is opposed to what we believe? Should following Jesus impact how we interact with the governing authorities? What about our wealth? Or our suffering? Is God truly in power right now, and if so, why doesn't it always feel like it in this world? These matters are extraordinarily timely for us!
As we progress through Revelation in the coming months, I pray that we will be inspired in a new and fresh way to follow the slain lamb of God, who alone is worthy of our worship and enduring faith.