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How to Give

How to Give

Money is a sensitive issue for many, especially when it comes to religious organizations. While there have been many examples of excesses and abuses by churches in our country, it does not negate the reality that everything we possess belongs to God and flows from Him. Supporting the ministry of MDC is important for those committed to our vision to embody the life and love of Jesus to Portland through a movement of the Gospel that transforms spiritually, socially, and culturally. We cannot do this without your help!

Here are different ways that you can give:

First, on Sunday mornings you can put your gift in either the box at the front of our worship space where communion is taken, or the box in the lobby next to the coffee.

Second, if you want to give but forget (like many of us) to bring cash or a checkbook on Sundays, you can set up an automated offering from your personal checking account. Please click this link to donate on Realm, our way to keep in touch online with posts and announcements.

Third, you can set up a recurring payment from your online banking service, which is also helpful for those who forget to bring their offering on Sunday. Simply log on to your bank website and set up a recurring payment from your account. Our mailing address is Missio Dei Church, 891 Brighton Ave, Suite 1, Portland, ME 04102. (Although giving through Realm is a more streamlined process as it allows for statements to be generated at the end of the year instead of hand-entered.)

Fourth, you can give on line through Paypal. This will provide you with your choice of PayPal or credit card options. We encourage this feature only for those who have the money already in their PayPal or bank account, as we do not encourage you to rack up more debt in order to give offerings to God and His work.

All funds given are tax deductible and will be used to advance the mission of Christ in greater Portland!