We are currently meeting indoors for weekly Sunday worship. See the directions page for location details, and the what to expect page for Covid information.

For those who would like to join from home, we are also streaming our weekly Sunday worship through YouTube.

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Ministry Teams

Ministry Teams

A significant aspect of God's Kingdom is often called the "upside-down" aspect. What this means is that when a person comes to faith in Jesus, their world and values get turned upside down. In short, humble service is what characterized the life and ministry of Jesus. The following service opportunities provide you a place to give back to the body of Christ in much needed and practical ways. It is our passion for person who joins MDC to find a place to give back to the body!

Please connect with the church office and we will be glad to introduce you to the rest of the team.

Thanks again for your willingness to help out!

Set Up Team

Creating space for worship is just as important as leading worship. This is a vital ministry very much connected to the Gospel. Like those disciples that the Lord sent to prepare the Passover meal and room, we too have servants who go ahead of MDC and prepare space to meet with Jesus.

Welcome Team

The purpose of the welcome team is to provide visitors with the information and reassurance they need to enter MDC and know what to expect, where to expect it, and how to participate. It is an important function in making our worship service a success and something that we desire to take seriously. Our passion is to welcome seekers and skeptics alike, thus providing them with an experience of God's love before they hear about God's love! 

Audio Visual Team

Each week there are people on the setup team whose primary task is to ensure that the sound and projector equipment is set up and working properly. There is a laptop, soundboard, wires, microphones, and speakers. If black boxes that plugin, make sounds and light up are your bag, please let us know!


Every Sunday we have a children's ministry program held for babies through fifth grade during our worship service. If you have an interest in serving with this ministry with teaching, helping, or filling in now and then we would love for you to join. Please note that this ministry requires a background check.

Youth Group (Middle School/High School)

We have decided to pursue a new model for discipling our youth. The idea is simple. We are asking these leaders to make a personal commitment to these young people by way of developing personal relationships outside of that meeting in an effort to befriend, mentor, and encourage them along in their journey through life. We believe that it is vital for adults, who are not the child’s parents, to come alongside of young people to help them grow into healthy well-adjusted adults who are rooted in God and His love for them.

Men's and Women's

On a regular basis there are different single-sex groups that get organized by some of our members that are open to all and provide a great way to get connected and develop relationships.

Special Projects

As a small church who longs to have a big impact, we need volunteers to volunteer their services for special projects managed by the pastors and staff. If you would be interested in serving on a group that meets/works occasionally for short periods of time please let us know. The more the merrier!