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Monday Nights on Commonwealth

Mondays in Portland

6:15pm for Dinner; 7-9pm for the meeting

We sing, worship, share what the Lord is doing in our lives (for example, sharing something from Scripture or something we are reading that the Lord touched us with this week), and pray for each other quite a bit. From time to time we also have some planned teaching and discussion. But most weeks, we don’t really know exactly what a meeting will look like it until it happens! Like a potluck dinner, it is great when the participants in this meeting bring the meeting with them. There is a real sense of connection among us, and lots of other social and ministry activities grow out of what happens here. Generally ages 20 to 35, most are single but also some couples and the occasional infant or two, anyone and everyone is welcome.

Here’s a short form to register or re-register for a group.