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Community Groups

Community Groups

Our passion is to SATURATE the CHURCH with the GOSPEL and the CULTURE with the CHURCH...

Our vision for Community Groups is best reflected by the word SATURATE. We are passionate about experiencing the Good News of Jesus in community. From our perspective, it really is the only way to experience it. We also believe that as we as a church are saturated with the Gospel, we then become equipped with God's presence and power to Saturate the world with the life of Jesus, both in word and in deed. 

How are groups organized?


Our Community Groups are organized around three types of leaders. Facilitators - those who take responsibility for engaging the community with Jesus focused content. Hosts - Those who take responsibility for relational development and meeting space. And, Administrators - An Administrator provides organizational help to the Host, Facilitator, and Community by way of communication and planning.

Finally, each Community Group at Missio Dei is led by those who join the group. It is our vision for each participant to be an "owner". An "owner" is different from a member. Members have rights, while owners take responsibility. It is our vision to see each participant owning the group and specifically one aspect of that group which reflects their passion and gifting. We believe that this is how the body grows (Eph 4:16).


Our Community Groups meet for 10-11 weeks. The first trimester for groups begins in September and ends in November. The second trimester begins after the holidays in January and ends in March. And, the third trimester begins in March and ends in June. The summer months are casual and the focus is both organized and organic gatherings.

Are these groups "on mission" or how do they impact the community?

While the focus of a Community Group is developing relationships around the person of Jesus, we also recognize the need for balance. Any Jesus person realizes that much of Jesus' passion was serving and caring for those around him. So, while community groups will focus on developing relationships around the Gospel, we also ask each group to serve their local community in some tangible way. 

How do I get involved?

Getting involved is easy. Take a few minutes to browse the current groups under this page as they are each different and focus on different things and meet at different times. Then, contact the host of the group that you are interested in and see when the next gathering is! It's that simple! Here’s a short form to register or re-register for a group.