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While there are many people who provide leadership to Missio Dei, the following list details those who provide more active day to day leadership across different layers of our church. If you would like more information about the pastors or other leaders in Missio Dei, please do not hesitate to contact us.

The Leadership Team

The Leadership Team is made up of the pastor/elders, and 4-6 women and men from the congregation. The members of the Leadership Team works alongside the pastor/elders to chart the long-range vision of MDC and and to work through issues related to growing and strengthening our current ministries. This work is with a view toward growing MDC more toward Christ and His Kingdom's rule of love. We believe that this will affect us on four levels, our relationship with ourselves, with God, with others, and with the world we live in. In order to do this well, we believe that God will use not only the pastors but also the people of MDC in our effort to follow His lead. 

For a current list of who is serving on the G10 please feel free to reach out to us as this group changes on a yearly basis.

The Pastor/Elders


Angel Silva - Lead Pastor/Elder - Teaching and Vision Focus

Angel is one of the co-founders of Missio Dei, having started the church with Joey Fassett back in 2004. Angel graduated from Dallas Theological Seminary in 2000 (MDiv/ThM) and then pastored a small country church in Central Vermont until starting MDC. He serves the body primarily in the areas of preaching/teaching and leadership/vision. 

Angel's primary passion, outside of Jesus, is his wife and family. Angel and Amy have 6 children, most in the teen years, and enjoy being parents.

To retain a measure of sanity, Angel plays hockey, rides his road bike, and enjoys the outdoors. He enjoys his neighbors, BBQ's and developing community wherever he finds himself!


Joey Fassett 

Joey and Lisa, along with their children, moved to Maine in 2004 to help start Missio Dei Church. Joey has worked in a number of different areas within MDC. Joey also works outside of MDC in executive leadership within a local business. He loves his family, playing baseball, and training in MMA with his sons.



Joel Wentz

Joel and Jill have been serving MDC in multiple capacities for a number of years, from KidsQuest, to worship, and many things in between. In 2018 Joel joined the Pastoral team and continues to be a valuable asset due to his ministry experience as Area Director for InterVarsity. 



Ken Jones - Organizational Leadership and Worship Focus

Ken has been serving in MDC along with his wife, Linda, since they started participating in the life of MDC in 2011. Ken helps out with organizational leadership, worship leading, as well as occasional preaching and pastoral care. Linda heads up MDC’s Women:Connect ministry that addressed the pastoral needs of women. And she loves babies!

Ken and Linda met in the mid-1970s in a large "house church" in California and were married in 1978. In 1987 they moved to Portland Maine with many others from California to start a (short-lived) church. On the way to Maine, they stopped in Indiana for a year where Ken earned an MA in biblical counseling from Grace Theological Seminary. From 1987 until 2013 Ken was in private practice in Portland as a CPA. They have two children and two grandchildren. For fun, they travel (a great deal of it to see their far-flung families) and love to go boating.



Rob Reed

Rob and Christy Reed are long-time members of MDC. A Civil Engineer by trade, Rob brings a wealth of organizational skill and attention to detail to the group of Pastors. Rob and Christy have two daughters. They have served in multiple ministries and are currently working with Safe Families as a housing option for vulnerable children.


Teen Progam


Rob Woodman

Rob and Jessi Woodman have been serving our teens since serving teens started at MDC. They are long-time lovers of youth. Rob is an Engineer and in his “spare” time, also owns and runs Party Palooga. His real job is wearing bright colors and putting smiles on faces.





Betsy Pinkham

Betsy has been serving in KidsQuest for many years. In 2018 she took over the primary leadership role as the director. She loves kids, teachers, and providing organizational leadership to one of our most significant ministries at MDC. We are thankful for her leadership and her love for Jesus and kids.

 Administrative Task and Realm


Gwen Tedder - Administrative Coordinator

Gwen serves the church part-time as the primary mover of all things detail related. She has proven to be an invaluable resource and works hard to honor God with the details of what makes a church work. 

Gwen is married to Doug, and together, they have three boys and one large dog. Their sons' names are Seth, James, and Andrew.