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About 50% of Missio Dei regulars are kids. They are a huge part of our church and we love them to pieces! On most Sundays, after the entire congregation has gathered for a welcome, announcements and singing, you will notice all the kids suddenly leap from their seats and race toward the doors smiling and expectant. This marks the start of KidsQuest!

We have five KidsQuest groups at Missio Dei. Class sizes vary, but we always have at least two adults in each classroom. We have a great team of committed adults who teach the kids and are committed to seeing them grow to know and love Jesus.

The Nursery (infant-2 years)

The Nursery group spends their time playing, coloring, being read to and eating snack.

The Junior Trekkers (2 years- 3 years)

The Junior Trekkers have ample time to play, read and draw, but also practice doing a simple circle time and story time.

The Adventurers (pre-K and K)

The Adventurers spend their morning by greeting their friends, singing songs, hearing the Bible story, playing games, doing crafts and having a snack.

The Pathfinders (grades 1 and 2)  and The Explorers (grades 3-5)

The goal of the Pathfinders and Explorers groups is to provide a time and space where the kids can come face to face with the gospel and understand how their lives are intimately intertwined with the story of God. Most weeks there is some time spent learning from and navigating the Bible, an art/craft project, game time and of course, snack time.

For more information, please check out our handbook or contact: Also, if your child has special needs and would benefit from 1:1 support in his/her classroom, please contact us at